Large Orange Silicone Halloween Mold - Pumpkin Bat Skull Ghost

* Lovely silicone molds to create beautiful dimensional pieces to embellish your decor and art projects. Use over and over again!
* They play well with so many types of media!
* This mold is food grade silicone that can be baked also. You can use this mold for baking, candy making, soap making, ice cubes, and of course resin, paperclay, and other mixed media things!
* The entire mold measures approximately 6.5" x 9". Each cavity is generously sized. The bat for example is 3" x 1.5". The cavities are approximately 1" deep, however you don't have to fill them all the way unless you want to. So many possibilities with this fun mold!
* Listing is for the mold only, not the castings shown as a sample.
* Excellent for embellishing our Shrine Kits and Doll Kits.
* Find our entire selection of Molds HERE.
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