Shadow Box Shrine Kit - Egg Ornament Set

* Our Shadow Box Shrine Kits are really special because each comes with a piece of clear acrylic that rests perfectly within the top frame, creating a shadow box for your art! The middle frame openings are slightly smaller, holding the acrylic front in place. A tiny dab of glue around the "ledge" will hold the acrylic perfectly in place! You will easily assemble all of the pieces yourself to make the egg.
* This ornament kit is similar to our smaller Shadow Box Shrine Kits Egg-cept (see what I did there), the entire "egg" is made from 1/8" Masonite, and the acrylic is also 1/8" thick. Also, there are four frame pieces, making it deeper.
* This kit also includes four egg ornament blanks (the middle of the frame pieces with a hole added. Smart right?).
* Not including the ornament loop, the egg measures 3" x 4". If you use all of the frames and the acrylic front, your niche will be 3/8" deep.  You can make it more shallow by using fewer frames.
* Available with or without the ornament loop.
Ornament Loop
No Ornament Loop