Miniature Plastic Trophy Cup - Gold

 * One adorable trophy cup!
* Each trophy cup measures approximately 2.5" tall x 2" wide. Sold individually.
* These would be excellent with several of our Shrine Kits! The round bottom base measures 1". These trophies would look fantastic mounted to our Large Wood Spool, 3" Candle Stick, or 1.75" Candle Stick.
* They are made from a heavy durable plastic that has the look of shiny metal. You can also distress them further with alcohol inks, distress paints, glitter, Inka Gold and Gilders Paste, and more!
* If you are familiar with the Tim Holtz Trophy Cups that were sadly discontinued, these are basically the same thing but in gold.
(Art sample by Andrea Ockey Parr. You can find unfinished wood blocks here. Or repurpose some old rubber stamps!)
$1.69 Sale! $1.61