Artist Trading Coin Round Border Mask Stencils - Set A - Set of 3

* Set of 3 awesome border mask stencils. Each stencil measures 2.5" overall. The second photo shows the stencils used on Chipboard Artist Trading Coins. These stencils were created with Artist Trading Coins in mind so they are a perfect fit!
* Almost unlimited combinations. Use them once, turn them and add a second color, turn them again to overlap for a third color, alternate colors, combine more than one stencil, the list goes on and on. Use them with Set B for even more options. Who knew such a tiny thing could be so handy? Well, I did!
* Made of traditional stencil oil board. Thin yet very durable!
* Use with paint, spray paint, ink, and more!
* Use over and over again!
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$1.79 Sale! $1.75