Limited Edition Blue Mirrored Shells - Set of 2

* Set of 2 fantastic blue mirrored shells!
* These are even cooler in person. Turn them and watch them shine!
* Made from 1/8" Mirrored Acrylic.
* Available in two sizes. The "Large" measure just over 1". They are available with or without a charm hole. Easily attach a 7mm jump ring or wire if desired. The Large will also work as shell bras for our Large Dolls. The Large Masonite Mermaid, Large Chipboard Mermaid, Large Santos Mermaid, and the Large Exquisite Santos Doll, just to name a few. They are also great for making earrings as shown!
* The "Medium" measure 3/4". They will work as shell bras for any of the Medium Dolls. Medium Masonite Mermaid, Medium Chipboard Mermaid, Medium Santos Mermaid, and any other Medium Doll.
* In additon to shell bras, they are fabulous little embellishments to use on just about any mixed media prioject!
 * Supplies are limited so grab them while you can!
 * Find more in the Sand and Sea section here.
Medium $1.49 (out of stock)
Large-No Holes $1.99 (out of stock)
Large-With Charm Holes $1.99 (4 in stock)