Exquisite Cross Kit - Style 3

* You will get one stunning cross kit made from sturdy 1/8" thick Masonite.
* Each cross comes with three pieces. As shown in the photo, you have choices for the arrangement!
* Each cross also comes with a metal glue-on hanger.
* Available in three different sizes. Small (3" tall), Medium (5" tall), and Large (7" tall).
* Paint, collage, ink, emboss, stamp, faux metal, embellish, glitter, add some Gilder's Paste, and more!
* These crosses are very versatile. You can decorate them in several different styles including Victorian, Traditional, Day of The Dead, Gothic, Shabby Chic, and more.
* Find more in the Shrine Kit Section.
Small (Was $1.99) Now $1.95
Medium (Was $3.99) Now $3.95
Large (Was $4.99) Now $4.95