Inka Gold 50 Gram Jar - Jade

�* Viva Decor's Inka Gold is a revolutionary nontoxic product that produces an amazing metallic finish. With beeswax as one of the main ingredients, Inka Gold is�safe and easy to use in all crafting and home decor projects. Just rub it on and polish! Great for paper mache, chipboard, paper crafting, wood,�our masonite, and much more. Just about any surface will work.

* Perfect for adding a lovely patina to our Masonite Shrine Kits, Cut-Outs, Basics, Stand-Ups, and more!�Inka Gold�looks awesome added over painted pieces too to add a bit of patina. The metallic colors leave a wonderful shimmer.

* Easily applies to your surface with a brush, sponge, cotton swab, cloth, rubber stamp, or your finger! You can use it right from the jar for nice opaque coverage, or water it down a bit and use it like you would use twinkling H2Os for just a touch of shimmer. Dries within minutes and once dry you can buff the surface with a paper towel or cloth�to really bring out the shine!

* We love our Gilders Paste as well, a similar product, and between the two you have so many color options!

* These are the large, 50 Gram jars!

* See our full selection HERE.
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