Heisenberg Cut Outs 4 Pieces

* Inspired by the show Breaking Bad!
* Set of 4.
* Each measures approximately 1-1/2" x 1-1/4".
* They are sized just right for our Inspiration Fairy Shrine Kits, Medium Theatre Doll Kits, Angel Ornaments, 3-D Angels, Small Articulated Skeleton Doll, and work for other art dolls as well. They also work great on our Small Bust Stand-Ups. Now you can make your very own Walter White dolls! They also make great jewelry, pins, magnets, embellishments for ATCs and more.
 * Available with or without charm holes.
* Use them as they are, or add some paint, ink, Gilders Paste, etc. to make them pop!
* Perfectly cut and deeply engraved. Created from 1/8" thick premium quality solid Cherry Hardwood.
* While there are several variations of the Heisenberg sketch from the show, this is my own rendition, designed from scratch.
With Charm Holes
No Holes