Papel Picado Banners Style 1 - Set of 5

* You will get 5 fantastic Paperl Picado banners, one of each style!
* Made from Stencil Board which is the perfect material for these! Thin enough to be a "banner" yes sturdy and durable enough to alter to your heart's content!
* Each banner measures approximately 3" x 4". All holes are 1/8" sized to fit our 1/8" Eyelets. They are also available without holes.
 * Paint, paper, collage, ink, stamp, embellish, and so much more! Add a ribbon and hang your awesome banner! You could also use them individually on a greeting card, journal cover, collage, etc.
* If you like to doodle and paint, you will LOVE these! Also super with Stickles and Glitter!
$4.99 Sale! $4.89
With Ornament Holes
No Holes