Vintage Filmstrip Viewers - Set of 3

* These are super fun! Authentic, colorful plastic filmstrip viewers!
* These are designed to hold a section of filmstrip so that you can look through and view the film. The viewer magnifies the piece and uses natural light to see the strip! Very similar to when you look through a kaleidoscope. The front pops right off so you can load the film. Simply cut the film to size, pop the front off, load, and pop the front back on. Then look through the see the magic!
* HINT: you can also use bits of Collage Sheets printed on Transparency Film or Vellum with these!
* There is a loop on each so you can convert the viewer into a fun necklace or keychain. Ball Chain works perfectly for this.
* Makes a fun, unique, necklace or keychain keepsake!
* You will get a random assortment of 3, in different colors.
* Each measures approximately 2" long. The opening for film measures approximately 5/8" x 7/8".
* Need some film? You can grab some HERE that will work perfectly!

(Art Sample By Kim Collister.)
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