Antique Frozen Charlotte China Doll SMALL 2 - 2.5 Inch

* Small glazed china Charlotte measures approximately 2" - 2.5" tall.

* Excavated from the grounds of an old German doll factory in Thuringia Germany. Buried treasure indeed!

* These were manufactured between 1880 - 1900! They are well over 100 years old.

* Your frozen Charlotte will vary from the photo. Each little doll is unique and beautiful in its flaws. Some may have small age spots, but these add to the beauty. These little dolls, each with a personality of their own, will add loveliness and history to any project. They are so special I considered keeping them all to myself! Keep in mind, there are only so many of these out there!

* The story of frozen Charlotte and frozen Charlie: It is said that these dolls were named after an old poem, which the author based on a story read in the newspaper. In the poem, dear Charlotte and Charles set off in a carriage to attend a New Year’s Eve ball. The night was frigid, and Charlotte’s mother begged her to put on a coat. The vain Charlotte refused as she didn’t want to wrinkle her dress. When they arrived to the ball, Charles extended his hand, only to find that she had frozen to death. The mourning Charles soon died of a broken heart.

In Germany, these small porcelain dolls were also baked into Christmas cakes and puddings. The lucky child who found the doll was entitled to a prize!

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