Basic Articulated Art Doll Shrine Kit - LARGE Female

* You are going to LOVE this Shrine Kit! Is it a Shrine? Is it a Doll? It's BOTH!
* Made of sturdy Masonite and is easy to assemble with just a bit of glue and the included specialty art brads! Instructions included. There is a built in keyhole hanger on the back so it's ready to hang!
* The arms and legs are fully articulated so you can pose and move them as you wish!
* When standing at attention, the doll measures 14-1/4" tall x 4" wide. The inside compartment measures 2-5/8" tall x 2" wide x 1" deep.
* Includes 8 specialty silver art brads. Also comes with an optional crown and heart cut out to attach as desired!

 * Endless possibilities - Paint, Ink, Distress, cover with papers, embellish, and much more!
* Photo three shows a Small Stand Up Heart in Hand inside the niche (sold separately). Several of our other Shrine Kits, such as the Flaming Heart, would also fit nicely inside.

* Male Art Doll Shrine Kits also available. The niche will be the same size however the doll is slightly larger.
* This kit is also available without a niche. The doll body will be one solid piece. The doll without a niche includes a glue-on metal triangle hanger for you to attach to the back so your doll will be ready to hang if desired.
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With Niche (as shown)
No Niche (solid doll body)