Worry Doll Set

* Gorgeous set of handmade Guatemalan Worry Dolls.
* Each set contains 6 assorted dolls, a small colorful wooden box with lid, and printed copy of the legend/instructions.
* Dolls will vary as each is handmade. They range in size from 3/4" - 1-1/8".
* Great for use in altered art and collage pieces!
* The story of the Worry Doll: "Worry Dolls" or "Trouble Dolls" are very small and colorful dolls traditionally made in Guatemala.A person who cannot sleep due to worrying can express their worries to a doll and place it under their pillow before going to sleep. Some medical centers use them in conjunction with treatment for disease in children.According to folklore, the doll is thought to worry in the person's place, thereby permitting the person to sleep peacefully. The person will wake up without their worries, which have been taken away by the dolls during the night.
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