Thirty Five Compartment Cubby Hole Shrine Kit - Inchie Size Cubby Holes

* Finally, a way to display all of those Inchies and more! Made of sturdy Masonite, and very easy to assemble. Pieces fit together like a puzzle, taking just a bit of glue to secure. Instructions included.
* The completed shrine measures approximately 5.75" x 8". The thirty five cubby holes are exactly 1" x 1" PERFECT for "Inchies". The cubbies are 5/8" deep. The kit also comes with a template that can be used for cutting papers for each cubby if you so desire.
* Can be used for displaying inchies or your favorite found objects. As shown in photo #3, you can also cut out portions of the dividers to create larger cubbies (using a saw, Dremmel, or heavy duty scissors).
* Endless possibilities - Paint, Ink, Distress, cover with papers, embellish, and much more!
* You can also use 1" memory glass or the acrylic inchie squares in the cubbies over your images for a really cool look!

* Also available with a keyhole nail opening for easy hanging. Either vertically or horizontally, the nail hole will be oriented toward the top of the middle box on the top row.
No Nail Hole As Shown
Vertical Orientation Nail Hole
Horizontal Orientation Nail Hole