Chapel Hill Stand-Up Village Kit

* You are going to LOVE these. A stunning stand-up village made from sturdy 1/8" thick Masonite.
* You will get a base, 2 houses, a church, and coordinating doors and windows. Everything you see in the first photo. The sweet dimensional doors and windows are separate pieces that you can glue on either before after altering. This gives you much more creative freedom.
* The base measures 2.5" x 10". Each house has a tab on the bottom that pops into the base. The houses are completely interchangeable and also interchangeable with the Pine Lake Village Kit!
* The tallest house (church) measures 6-1/2" tall. The widest measures 3-1/4".
* As shown in photo #2, you can put more than one base together either vertically or horizontally (or both) to make a larger village! And since all of the houses are interchangeable, you have tons of design options.
* Paint, collage, ink, emboss, stamp, faux metal, embellish, glitter, add some Gilder's Paste, and more!
* These make great gifts! You can also use the village as a photo or card holder, simply clip your keepsakes to the houses. They also look incredible with a battery powered votive candle shining through the windows. One fits perfectly on the base behind the middle house.

Pine Lake Village also available.
(Art Sample By Kristin Hubick. Used Chapel Hill Stand-Up Village, Small Gothic Fence Cut-Outs (they fit perfectly!), Star Mix Cut-Out (on the church), Mini Bottle Brush Trees, and German Glass Glitter in Pink, Pale Blue, Silver, and White.)
$9.99 Sale! $9.79