Collage Cut-Outs Accessory Line - Reindeer Antlers

* Package of 14 super fun antlers perfect for your collage guys and gals (and maybe pets?)! If you like our Bunny Ears, Masks, Glasses, and Moustaches, you are going to LOVE these!
* There are 2 different styles, male and female. Did you know that of all the species of deer, only reindeer females have antlers? You will get several of each ranging in size from approximately 1" - 2". All the sizes you need for your ATCs and more!
* They are made from sturdy Stencil Board, the perfect material for these!
* Paint, collage, ink, emboss, faux metal, embellish, glitter, and more! In the art sample, the antlers were painted white and then coated with Diamond Glaze for dimension. 
* Try them with our Dollie Paper Cuts too!
$2.99 Sale! $2.93