1 Inch INCHIE FRAME Prong Frames Metal and Clear Acrylic SET OF 2

* You will get 2 metal prong frames and 2 clear acrylic inserts! Measures 1" or 25mm.
* These have several possibilities: You can collage under the acrylic, glue to the BACK of the setting, and secure to your paper or fabric by punching through with the prongs and setting. OR you can place your collage and acrylic inside the prongs and set. You can then add a pinback, pendant bail, or glue to a collage/assemblage piece!
* Best of all, these work PERFECT with a 1" hole punch.
* These are so unique and can be used in many ways - can also be used alcohol inks.
* Acrylic inserts will come with a peel away protective paper backing.
Great for framing your INCHIES!