Heart Keyholes - Small and Medium

* Awesome heart keyholes with several possibilities! As a bonus, you also get the adorable keyhole inside cut-outs. Made from 1/8" thick Masonite.
* Sold in sets of 4.
* Please note, each style is sold separately. If you want fronts and backs, please order a set of each. Otherwise you have the option to order only the parts you need.
* You pick the size.
- Small: approximately 1-3/8 x 1-1/4"
- Medium: approximately 2" x 1-3/4"
* You pick the style:
- Keyhole Frame - 4 pc.
- Keyhole Frame 1 Hole - 4 pc.
- Keyhole Frame 2 Holes - 4 pc.
- Solid Back - 4 pc.
- Solid Back 1 Hole - 4 pc. 
- Solid Back 2 Holes - 4 pc.
- One of Each - 6 pc.
The holes are 1/8" on the medium and 1/16" on the small. Our Extra Long Art Brads (shown) are amazing for attaching 2 pieces together (either size). If you use the 1 Hole Style with an art brad, your top piece can rotate to reveal a secret message! Eyelets are great for finishing too. Also try stacking two Keyhole Frames with a vellum or transparency Collage Sheet image sandwiched between for a really cool effect.
Large Heart Keyholes also available.
These are the same size as the Small and Medium Heart Parts. You could layer an Open Frame or an Open Frame with Charm Loop over a Keyhole Frame if desired. They are also the same size as the Small and Medium Broken Hearts.
$1.99 Sale! $1.89
Small-4 pc.
Medium-4 pc.
Keyhole Frame
Keyhole Frame 1 Hole
Keyhole Frame 2 Holes
Solid Back
Solid Back 1 Hole
Solid Back 2 Hole
One of Each-6 pc. add $1.00