Game House Charms PACKAGE OF 4

* Package of 4.
* Completed house charms measures 3/8" tall x 3/8" long x approximately 3/8" wide. These wonderful game house charms have optional channels that can be opened. There are four options: 1. Remove the top to attach a ball chain, eye hook, string, etc. to the top.
 2. Remove just the bottom to mount the house to something.
 3. Remove both the top and bottom to string the charm like a bead.
 4. Leave the channel intact for a small 3-D game house.
* Made from sturdy masonite with black sides.
* Easy to assemble with a bit of glue.
* These are great for pendants, charms, and earrings too.
* Great for a photo, collage, or small assemblage pieces. Paint, collage, ink, embellish, and more!
$1.50 Sale! $1.47